Trichy Wedding Photography - Lotus Studio is a Trichy Based Wedding Photography and Videopgraphy Studio in Trichy. Trichy Wedding Photography - Lotus Studio also specialises in Candid Wedding Photography in Trichy.

Trichy Wedding Photography - Lotus Studio are one of the leading Candid Wedding Photographers in Trichy who have taken prestigious projects over the years. Our years of experience, history and customized services laid a strong unshakable foundation for our excellence in Wedding Photography, Modeling Photography, Kids Events Photography, Office Events Photography and Album designing. Trichy Wedding Photography - Lotus Studios Photography is a complete wedding event photography studio located in Trichy. We are specialize in photography and video-shooting of weddings, events, portfolios and industrial sites.

We can capture any moment of joy and happiness with great ease so that they remain as sweet memories throughout your life. Each moment in life has memorable things which are close to our heart, as the time passes our memories fade... We capture the memories of those special moments like Wedding Photography. Trichy Wedding Photography - Lotus Studios believe that we can have a smile provided our customers are happy with our service. We believe that we can have strong relationship with our customers. Give us an opportunity to make you and your relationship with us continue to grow together.

What we do
Lotus Studio Services.

Photography Services

  • Wedding Photography
  • Alliance Photography
  • Family Photography
  • Infant Photography
  • Model Photography
  • Business Photography
  • Dance Photography

Videography Services

  • Wedding Videography
  • Engagement Videography
  • Party Videography
  • Events Videography
  • Model Videography
  • Business Videography
  • Dance Videography

Why Us?

  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Service with a difference.
  • Courteous, prompt and personalised services
  • A team of talented and seasoned camera persons and processing professionals.
  • Decades of proven track record.